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Feb 6, 2013 6:30pm EST
tomorrow, when john brennan speaks, diane. >> it is going to be a very combustive day. thank you, martha raddatz. >>> and also today, a more trusted part of american life has succumbed to modern times. the postal service announced today that saturday delivery of letters will soon end in august. only packages will come to your door. and abc's ron claiborne tells us about the surprising ways this will effect everyone. >> reporter: a $15 billion plus budget deficit has done what neither rain nor sleet nor snow could do. >> the choice is either change some of the service or raise prices. and people don't want prices raised. we'll make the changes in service. >> hello. >> how are you today? >> i'm great, thanks. >> reporter: lorenzo hudson has been making the rounds in great neck, new york, for more than 20 years. he was featured in a postal service tv commercial that ran during the super bowl pregame show. >> we don't want to see the business go under because they couldn't get rid of saturday or because they didn't get rid of saturday. but at the same time i want a perfect world. i want us t
Feb 5, 2013 11:00pm EST
there were living so legally. there were only known as glenn and diane and have been known -- and have been living there for two years. [indiscernible] investigators went through where the smoke still hangs heavy in the air. it is really sad. it is sad to see someone go so fast. it took more than 70 firefighters to get the fire under control. the cause is still under . live in the newsom, autria godfrey, abc 7 news. d.c. police are pushing of over 200gations sexual assault cases. they have located more than half .f the case reports the human watch group claims that were never taken. officials also say there might a good explanation for why a may not have been taken in a particular incident. the statements come in response to the report released by human watch last month. let's turn to the excitement super bowl the . hundreds of people lined the streets of baltimore .o which the ravens well here was a big pep rally. in there for the festivities. >> i have been here all my life .ere you the party moved from new orleans to baltimore. all wrapped up in a raven celebration. the goodtime vibe was
Feb 6, 2013 7:00am EST
's not going to work out. another woman who wrote to me, diane, says my rent for my family home -- [shouting] >> i don't -- i don't know why they're groaning, mr. speaker. there are thousands of their constituents will be hit by this. another woman who wrote to me, diane, says adequate, my rent for my family home is up present 65 pounds 68. we are the one bedroom and the private sector would cost over 100 pounds. thank you how can it possibly make sense to force people into a situation where it costs the state more not less by moving to the private rented sector? >> what this government is doing is building more homes. if he supports that, will he now support our changes to the planning system? will he support the new homes bonus? will he support the things that will get more homes build and get more people into jobs? because of course with 1 million extra people working in the private sector. that is what he is got to engaging. he's got absolutely no suggestion for how to get on top of welfare, get our deficit down, get our economy moving, or frankly do anything else. >> ed miliband. >> so
Feb 5, 2013 5:30pm PST
a week, she woke up to a beautiful sight this morning -- her sweet little boy. diane? >> and we love looking at his face and his smile. but gio, let me go back for a moment. the man with the gun, do i understand correctly? he had a television, he could see all of you reporting and what was behind you, he had no idea, right out of frame, were commandos preparing for this raid? >> reporter: in fact, they were training right next to the media here. >> all right, well, thank you so much, gio. again, it was an amazing, bold strike on their part. thank you. >>> and with our thanks to gio, we turn now to that secret document, 16 pages long and stirring up so much controversy tonight. it is a kind of handbook for lethal power against terrorists, even if they are american citizens. abc's chief white house correspondent jonathan karl tells us about the news today. >> reporter: by one count, president obama has already used unmanned cia drones to strike more than 300 suspected terrorist targets, even more than his predecessor. but today, we learned just how much authority the administration bel
Feb 6, 2013 5:00pm EST
. >> tonight, there is evidence that america is waging a secret war in the middle east. i spoke with diane sawyer about that. martha raddatz is covering a secret war of sorts. >> it is the american secret war, and we will take you inside. she will show us what she found in the middle east today. >> switching gears a little bit, an experiment about what we are willing to pay for the food we really buy out there. >> if a restaurant owner said to you, paid what you feel you should pay for your restaurant meal, how much would you pay? more or less than they might charge? we have a hidden camera experiment that will show you exactly what would happen. i am so happy about you and peter. i am so excited. >> thank you very much. we are really excited and very happy. thank you very much. but it is a wonderful thing. >> have a wonderful evening and we will see you soon. >> so i take it you invited diane to the baby shower? >> they really taught me how to live without sleep, and that will be good when the new baby comes. >> more than 25,000 students and teachers around the world are taking place in a
Feb 5, 2013 4:00pm PST
. they are calling themselves the babes of wrath. diane in 2005, it was a 20,000-mile journey in 24 different states. they join us in the studio, thank you for joining us. >> happy to be here. >> cenk: tell me about the tour, how does it work, who do you see, what do you do? >> we traveled to different communities throughout the southwest to help people understand that there are homeless kids and families and duties out in their own community. we may give presentations show the film, talk to kids, interview, visit whatever we can do to find out about homelessness and help the community. >> so, how do you help those kids pat? let's say you're in wherever it is albuquerque. you've got the homeless kids and you've found it. >> we try to tell them with the resources they have, especially children. a lot of kids that are homeless don't realize that they don't have to lose their school or friends. we are kind of putting them in touch by showing diane's videos with the information they need so they can stay as normal a bunch of kids as possible. you can't have a sleepover party when you're in a homeless sh
FOX News
Feb 6, 2013 2:00am PST
. >> what does this mean for our economy? diane macedo has more. >> if the ceo's latest predictions are right they set a record for 2013 for the longest period of high unemployment since the great depression. that's because the office expects the economy to grow 1.4 percent thanks in part to the expiration of the bush tax cuts and automatic spending cuts currently set to kick in in march. debt is expected to remain historically high relative to the economy. by 2023 current laws remain in place debt will equal 77 percent of gdp and be on an upward path. that means when interest rates rise to more normal levels interest on payments will rise. investors may lose confidence in the government's abilities to manage budgets. it leaves many key budget issues unresolved including the spending cuts a potential shut down in mid march and the deadline for the u.s. to hit the debt ceiling. while the outcome could make it worse one bright spot growth is expect to do pick up from 2014 to 2018 as the effect of the housing financial criess is continues to face. >> thank you so much diane. >> it's 46
FOX Business
Feb 6, 2013 11:00am EST
that lost its account after only seven months. inside the ads world with diane. >> seven months after the first agency of record in 15 years, maco shifts the duties to pitch. the auto repair company says that pitch will be heading up the $20 million campaign as the new agency on record, and maco says the goal is to build on the love and loyalty customers feel for the brand, but some question their loyalty considering how quickly they changed teams. they say they are eager for a new approach in marketing and advertising to the organization and know the team at pitch delivers innovative and exciting campaigns for consumers across the country, but the partners says there's more behind the switch than that. the company says, quote, "the change came with a new executive lineup at maaco, some of whom had a pre-existing relationship with pitch." no response from pitch or maaco to the claim. back to you guys. dennis: all right, thank you, diane, on the new beat, diane on advertising, looking forward to more of that. good news for booze. sales figures for the liquor industry for all of 2012 #
Feb 5, 2013 7:00pm PST
foundation, expanding opportunity for the people of california. diane b. wilsey. the kqed campaign for the future program venture fund. with additional support from -- the george frederick jewett foundation. helen sarah steyer. and the phyllis c. wattis foundation. >>> with sunrise just moments away, katherine westerhout has no time to lose. >> boy, that light's coming up fast. >> she's come to the abandoned 16th st. train station in west
Feb 6, 2013 12:00pm PST
it to the first contest. few others contemplated running. she never took any real steps to run. diane feinstein dropped hints at a future white house bid on her mind in the late 1980s only to then lose the governors race to pete wilson in 1990. instead of running for the top job in 1992, feinstein was left to settle for a senate seat, a seat she has been happy to keep since then. and that is really it as far as female prospects for the democratic prospect. until 2008 when hillary clinton won 18 million votes and a bunch of primaries and caucuses. where she lost to a black man who went on to win the white house and defeated a republican ticket that included a woman. excuse me. it included a woman. in the wake of all of that, the notion that the terms presidential prospect in white guy went happened in hand to feel antiquated. the clear front runner
Feb 6, 2013 9:00am EST
spoke about the bill, including andy diane abbott.t, n >> last night, mr. speaker, last night's vote on same-sex s marriage is widely regarded as a historic vote. ines the prime minister agreee m with me that it situated to all of the people throughout the decades and all parties and indo no party, behind the scenes andr in public who have worked for such a quality? and does the prime minister agree with m e thteat the vote proves that the arc of history g slowly but it bends towards justice? >> i agree very much with the honorable lady. i think the last night's vote will be seen not just as making sure there is a proper element of equality but also helping us to build a stronger and fair society. i thought many of the speeches made last night were very moving, very emotional and i would pay tribute to all those people who actually made this case, some of them for many, many years, saying that they want their love to count the same way that a man and woman's love for each other counts. that is whwhwhwhwhwhwhwhwh a portion of today's british prime minister's question time from london.
Search Results 0 to 14 of about 15 (some duplicates have been removed)